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Chairman’s Preseason Report 2017

Posted on 12th January 2017, by Tetbury Dolphins in News. Comments Off on Chairman’s Preseason Report 2017

Hi all,

A happy new year to everyone from Tetbury Tennis Club. Before the year really gets going and especially before we start getting more evening light I wanted to send around an update on how the club is going.


You’ll remember we had a push for new membership last year with some good success – we finished the year with 11 additional playing members – bringing us up to a total membership of 54 and that was reflected in some higher turn outs at club sessions. A lot of work was done by the committee through advertising, flyers, and by us all through word of mouth and with discounted first year membership. That is all going to happen again from early March this year so we anticipate another growth in members. Please spread the word – especially to anyone new to the town.


Finances remain stable. We left the year with a small increase in funds despite increased spending on advertising.

Club nights

Club nights were fairly well subscribed last season and we had more players more frequently than previously. Please be aware that this season we are changing two of our club sessions (because of a clash with the Chippenham league matches).  From the first of April this year our club sessions will now be on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


For the first time since we started at SWR we held three intra-club tournaments in 2016. The plan is to continue the same this year and hope to supplement with a BBQ and socials.


We started the year with three teams. Two in the Gloucestershire league (division 1 and division 6) and one in top chippenham league. Due to a lack of players able to sustain the two top level teams we dropped out of Glos division 1 but held our position well in Chippenham top league and fielded a full team for all Gloucester division 6 matches.

In 2017 we will be entering two teams to reflect the changing mix of members. Top level of Chippenham for the A-team and division 6 – where we hope to build up to a mid divison – in the Gloucestershire league. Depending on interested numbers (please respond) we could look to enter a third team in the base of Gloucestershire league. As membership picks up we would like to re-enter mixed and ladies teams but the coming season is still too early for that.

Team selection in 2017 will be done openly during early spring for both teams and so while competitive it is also deliberately friendly and fun and so please do let me/us know if you are interested – and watch the website for details.


Coaching carried on all through 2016 thanks to ADS coaching – and saw a fair number of youngsters hitting tennis balls on Saturday afternoons. Unfortunately ADS are no longer able to support the club due to other commitments and movement of coaches and so we are on the lookout for an alternative coaching set up. Watch this space early in 2017.

Wimbledon Ballot

Tetbury Dolphins will be entering the Wimbledon ballot again and we’ll find out how many tickets we have allocated for a draw during March. Really important that all members opt in on the LTA website by the 17th February (whether you want to go or not) to boost the club allocation.


Some changes in the club committee through the year. Much thanks to all of the committee but also in particularly to Nigel and Frances who have now (after lots of time helping) stepped out of their roles and to Bella who has joined as secretary. Volunteers are always welcome (and needed) to help to run and develop your club.


That’s about all really other than to say that I and the committee are really keen to encourage still more members of all abilities, as numbers allow we would like to re-enter ladies and other mens or mixed teams and we will be working hard to resurrect a coaching set up as well as hold one or two social events this year. To make all this happen we will need others to help and support and so if interested please get in touch.

Once again a happy new year to you and your families.


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