Tetbury Dolphins LTC - Social & Competitive Tennis in Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Every Sunday 10am-1pm
AND April-October: Tue & Thu 6pm-dusk

Guidelines for Conducting Club Sessions

  1. Order of play – First come first on court basis. When all courts are occupied those sitting out will arrange next four on court by mutual agreement. In the event of members arriving simultaneously then order of play will be determined by spinning racquets. During busy summer sessions first come will play first and rotate off.
  2. Ball usage – During the summer there will be an abundance of ex match balls and these should be used. In the event of these balls not being up to an acceptable standard, especially during the winter when few matches are played, then new balls may be used and preserved for the next club evening. New balls are available from the locked store in the club house and must be signed for in the “ball register” by the member opening the new tube.
  3. Court time – If all courts are occupied and other members are “sitting out” then in order to maximise everyone’s opportunity to play, “short sets” with a maximum of eight games should be played. In the event of a 6-0 or 6-1 result the set should be terminated there.
  4. Court etiquette – to allow all members to enjoy their tennis and maximise the use of court time please adhere to the following:
    • The server will call out the score before each serve
    • Receivers to return balls to serving end on completion of each game preferably by rolling along side lines
    • Try and avoid returning a serve that is patently a fault
    • Wait for a convenient moment to enter or exit the court if a game is in progress on the near court